52 Jobs; Imposters; Beacon; End of Forgotten Ideas: Twitter Series

September 2022

Constructing the Panopticon
No More TNG Warp Core for 12 HoursWHY DO I HAVE THIS ON MY COMPUTER ??! I can appreciate that it outputs 7.1 terawatts (at cruising speed) but I don’t need it in my life anymore.

July 2022

and choosing the right scale

June 2022

A lightweight way to manage your online video watchlist

December 2021

or Things I wish I knew before learning programming

January 2021

How I am learning to organize files

December 2020

Curating a list of every major population center
How to make a website in 60 mins

October 2020


September 2020

De-centering power
Cameras, Toilets, and LEGO UX