Cities of the World

Curating a list of every major population center

I’ve thought about visiting every city on Earth but it’s kind of an impossible task. You’d ideally need at least three days per city so that you don’t become completely worn out. But 3 days * 7000 cities is already 57 years.

Online, I can virtually visit ten cities in an hour if I rush it. That’s one month of 24/7 city watching. Maybe something more like 3 per hour is more reasonable and it is kind of exhausting to spend the whole day doing that so maybe 2 hours per day. So about 3 years to visit every city on Earth. Not bad.

And so that’s what I’ve started doing from Jul 23 2020. 156 days. I only have about 300 videos total so far but I haven’t been doing this every day. So maybe it will take me about 6 ~ 9 years to complete.

I’ve sorted my list of cities in a spatial way. Using GIS data I’ve created an ordered list of cities and from there I categorized it into five partitions.

Ideally a concise city tour video but often slow TV / walking videos:

If you don’t have a lot of time then you can watch this playlist: 42 Unusual Cities

If anyone wants to help find videos let me know