How much?

If a doctor told you that you have three months to live, how much would someone need to pay you for you to be willing to work 1 hour a week, 1 hour a day? 9 hours a day?

There obvious answer is that you wouldn't want to work any hours. You'd just want to take a break and enjoy life.

For someone who doesn't have any savings, what would be their answer? I think they would want to work as few hours as possible, however, they still need to eat and pay rent, right? Being homeless your last three months of life would very likely be unpleasant and stressful--even as an “adventure”.

The problem is, individuals are really bad at knowing what is fair and what their time is worth. They just assume “market rate” is fair when, at the same time, most wage or salary is not openly shared.

How much is enough to pay food and rent? What is this person's previous occupation? If they have responsibilities like a spouse or children that complicates this question even more.