the psychogeography of bus transportation networks

when bus stops are everywhere

Today after two hours of hiking I ducked into a 7/11 for some off-brand Gatorade.

After about 10 minutes of decompression a bus pulled up outside of the store. It stayed there for several minutes. While I didn't have any plans to go where the bus was going it was extremely easy to get on, forget about the world, and end up in a completely different place.

Psychogeography is about how we experience and perceive the geography. Public transportation networks change how we model the world around us. Our experience with a landscape is much different after we've walked through it several times.

It's been 36 minutes since I boarded the bus. We're about halfway there. I'm surprised how slow cars and buses are. It's been a few months since I had to experience traffic or a stop light. The train is a lot less stressful. But it's nice to see more of the city. It's like a $0.50 tour bus and I can take the train back since they end up at the same transfer station.