Forgotten Ideas: Twitter, Aug-Sept 2007

De-centering power

I like using Twitter for ideas because the best ideas usually happen by accident. Usually by mishearing someone or misunderstanding what their actual point is. Here is one example. What does user-created company mean? It could mean anything really. It points to decentralization but there are a million ways a company could qualify as “user created”.

If you read their business plan, “user created” becomes more clear, but if, before reading, you take a moment and try to brainstorm what one new phrase like this could mean then you might come up with genuine new thoughts which haven’t been explored. Maybe not on your first try but I think it is good practice to often try.

BTW if you are interested in decentralization + tech then this subreddit is one of the only places I have seen serious philosophical / realistic technical discussion.

Jottit makes getting a website as easy as filling out a textbox

There are lots of tools for this nowadays but back in 2007 this was still a pretty new idea: make website creation more accessible so anyone can do it. Facebook Pages and Timelines are just a variation on that idea. “Makes posting as easy as filling in a box.”

Jottit was one of the many things made by Aaron Swartz. You can watch a free documentary about him here. The website is still up (although it is very slow). I discovered the original website code—and his advice about starting a new project.

This one is kinda funny.

The idea that if you wait long enough, someone will write/build/design what you were thinking about.

Their website is a “coming soon” page… maybe a little on the nose.

Okay so I’ve seen this product mentioned a lot but I’ve been skipping it because I thought it was (the blog site) but it is not.

Social discovery in real time

Me.dium Changes Name To OneRiot, Launches Social Search Engine

Walmart acquires OneRiot, search-startup-turned-ad-network